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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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026: Scaling an Auto Repair Franchise from $5M to $26M with Brian Beers
Brian Beers
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Today, I’m speaking with Brian Beers. Brian is an entrepreneur who took his small family automotive repair business from $5M to $26M in sales. The company operates Midas franchises throughout the Philadelphia area and grew from 6 to 25+ locations in 5 years.

In this episode, Brian shares how he scaled, primarily through owner-financed acquisitions. We talk about how he targets prospective sellers, builds relationships, and negotiates and closes deals with no outside capital. 

We also dig into his investing philosophies and the vehicles he uses to save on tax and deploy his money across a diversified portfolio.

One of the things I appreciate most about Brian is his ability to look outside his industry for answers. Entrepreneurs often get stuck in their own little world and lack new perspectives that could take them further faster. 

So, while you may not own an auto repair company, the principles discussed for building and scaling a business are still very applicable.
Key Takeaways with Brian Beers

✔️Scaling a family-run auto shop from 6 to 25+ locations and $26M in sales.

✔️How to structure and negotiate an owner-financed acquisition deal.

✔️Buying up the competition by developing relationships and building trust with potential sellers.

✔️Using 3rd party financing programs to make payments more affordable for buyers.

✔️The 4 factors Brian uses to evaluate an investment—and why he’s particularly bullish about protecting his time.

✔️How to avoid working on unplanned tasks by creating a “not to-do list.”

✔️Why the best way to learn about investing is to have money on the line.

✔️Putting a team around you that can help create a strategy for building wealth.

✔️The pros & cons of using cost segregation to accelerate depreciation.

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