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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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022: $2.5M/Month Teaching Strategic Sales Systems with Cole Gordon
Cole Gordon
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Today, I’m talking with Cole Gordon—an 8-figure sales trainer and the founder of In 2 years, he scaled his own sales team, went from 0 to $2.5M per month, and now helps others do the same.

His company is broken into 2 divisions…

The first is The Sales Team Accelerator, which helps entrepreneurs—like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, Jay Abraham, and 400+ others—recruit, hire, train and manage their sales teams. 

The second division is Remote Closing Academy, a certification program for aspiring salespeople who want to develop the skills needed to get started in an entry-level sales position.

In this episode, I talk to Cole about this unique business model and uncover exactly how he builds high-performing sales teams at scale. 

You’ll learn how he sources the top 1% of talent for his clients, interviewing tactics for successful hiring, and how to eliminate objections before the close. 

Cole also shares a complete breakdown of the sales process he uses to get buy-in from prospects and close sales.


Business is about solving problems. That's because when you solve a problem, you create value and people exchange money for value. So, if we know that to be true, sales is really just demonstrating that we can solve a problem for somebody else. And if there's no problem, there's no sale.” - Cole Gordon

Key Takeaways with Cole Gordon

✔️How Cole’s company attracts and recruits the highest quality sales reps for his B2B clients.

✔️Building the biggest distribution of online remote based sales teams for entrepreneurs - about 2k applications and over 400 1-on-1 interviews per month.

✔️The social media funnel strategy Cole uses to recruit entry level sales reps into his certification program.

✔️How to use group interviews to identify standout performers.

✔️3 key criteria you can use to evaluate quality candidates.

✔️7 beliefs your prospect needs to have before they buy.

✔️The step-by-step sales process Cole uses to get prospects to say yes.

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