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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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020: Beyond the Bestseller List with The Miracle Morning Author, Hal Elrod (Over 2.5 Million Copies Sold)
Hal Elrod
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This is an uncommon interview with Hal Elrod that digs into The Miracle Morning Business Model and how it’s been several times more lucrative than a traditional book.

Hal Elrod is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, podcaster, and international bestselling author of The Miracle Morning book—which has been translated into 37 languages and has sold over 2.5 million copies. 

I sat down with Hal to talk about the business model behind The Miracle Morning, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. We discuss why it took off, sales tactics, the benefits of self-publishing, how he created multiple income streams, and more. 

This episode is not just about how to publish a book; it’s about how Hal created a global brand that goes far beyond the bestseller list and the impact it’s having on the world. 

With a franchise model that has 14 different spin-offs, a multitude of different niches and 14 partnering authors that take the lion's share of the revenue - there is a lot to learn from here.


So everything I do, every product, every service, I engineer around how it will change people's behavior in a meaningful way, that lasts far beyond the initial investment of their time in whatever I'm selling.” - Hal Elrod 

As entrepreneurs, we have this sense of urgency that can often be unhealthy. We want it and we want it now. And what happens is we end up creating all sorts of negative emotional turmoil over, it's not happening fast enough. I'm not good enough. And we don't feel good about what we're doing because it's not happening as fast as we want. And what I realize is that when you finally get to the point in your life or in your business that you've been working so hard for, when you finally get there, you almost never wish it would have happened any sooner. Instead, you look back and you go, ‘Oh, it had to happen the way that it did. I was supposed to endure those challenges and those setbacks and those struggles. They were all part of me becoming the person that I needed to be and developing the abilities and the skills and habits to get to the point that I just arrived at now.” - Hal Elrod

Key Takeaways with Hal Elrod

✔️The simple formula that allowed Hal to sell the first million copies of his book, The Miracle Morning.

✔️How Hal achieves an 80% optin rate from people who read his book. 

✔️The highly effective referral process Hal used to get booked on 152 podcasts to promote his book, when nobody knew who he was.

✔️Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for some future moment to be happy. 

✔️Recognizing that pain is part of the process of succeeding. 

✔️Hal’s secret to sales success… Be committed to the process, without being emotionally attached to the results.

✔️How to amplify your efforts by leveraging other people. 

✔️Self-publishing vs traditional publishing. 

✔️How Hal leveraged The Miracle Morning book to create more products and revenue streams. 

✔️Why negotiations shouldn’t be done to maximize profit, but to maximize the relationship.

✔️Being positive VS. being realistic.

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