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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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013: Leveraging Relationships to Scale with Tony Grebmeier (6-Time Inc. 5000 Founder)
Tony Grebmeier
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Tony Grebmeier is the Co-Founder of ShipOffers—a 6-time Inc. 5000 company that creates custom fulfillment solutions for entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space.

Tony didn’t want to be like every other fulfillment company. What he believes sets ShipOffers apart from the competition is his focus on relationships and solving bigger challenges that entrepreneurs are faced with. As he put it… 

I didn’t want to just put stuff in a box and call it a day. I wanted to figure out how to help the person selling to sell more. I wanted to help them figure out that scaling problem so many entrepreneurs have.

And so, Tony doesn’t just fulfill the order; he uncovers his client's biggest pain points and creates custom solutions for them. He is a strategic partner for companies who want to take their business to whole new levels of success. 

In this episode, I sit down with Tony to dig into the power of relationships; how to build them at scale and leverage them, so you can skyrocket your success in both business and life. 

You'll only find three pearls in 100 oysters, so get busy shucking or you'll never find what you're looking for.” - Tony Grebmeier

Relationships are the foundation for everything else that you do. You can take any success or failure in your life, any moment, and you can drill back to figuring out how it wouldn’t have happened if somebody wasn’t there.” - Brad Weimert

Key Takeaways with Tony Grebmeier
✔️What is ShipOffers and how do they serve the fulfillment industry differently than anyone else? 

✔️Why relationships are the key to scaling any business. 

✔️The Archaeologist, The Architect, and the Astronaut—how to play each role so you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams! 

✔️Why you shouldn’t always take ‘NO’ for an answer. 

✔️How to set your employees up for success instead of throwing them into the lion's den with the hopes they’ll survive.  

✔️Understanding the ROI of relationships.

✔️Why getting a coach/mentor is critical to your success

✔️Bridging the gaps between office and warehouse employees.

✔️Why most entrepreneurs who fail, do so because they quit too soon. Keep pushing! 

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