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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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042: Bootstrapping an $80M/Year Medical Device Company Out of his Garage with Jeremy Perkins
Jeremy Perkins
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Jeremy Perkins started Precision Medical Products in 2010 out of his garage and became one of the top 25 CEOs in the medical device industry within 10 years. His fully self-funded company has scaled to 300+ people (primarily contractors) and hit $80M in revenue last year.

Before getting into the medical device industry, Jeremy really didn’t excel at anything professionally. He always thought he wanted to be a stockbroker, but after 2 years of trying, he realized he sucked at it.

In this episode, you’ll hear how he went from being “bad at sales” to becoming one of the top medical device sales reps in the nation—and how this led to bootstrapping and scaling the #1 Fastest Growing Company in the Sacramento region, 2 years in a row. 

We talk about the importance of having a conviction for what you’re selling, how he leverages 1099 contractors to speed up the sales cycle, and his framework for thinking big and accomplishing audacious goals.


If somebody is super passionate, they'll always find a way to be successful.” – Jeremy Perkins
Key Takeaways with Jeremy Perkins

✔️ From a stockbroker who couldn’t sell anything to becoming one of the top medical device sales reps in the nation.

✔️ Jeremy explains the competitive advantage that led to Precision Medical Products becoming the #1 Fastest Growing Company in the Sacramento Region.

✔️ Setting a goal to help 20 people within his company become millionaires.

✔️ How Jeremy leverages 1099 contractors to distribute and sell his products.

✔️ Why passion and desire are critical factors to succeeding in sales.

✔️ Creating a vision, setting specific goals, and building a life by design.

✔️ Find out why Jeremy has the largest swimming pool in California.

✔️ The magic of thinking big and why nothing’s impossible.

✔️ Is there such a thing as work/life balance? Jeremy explains how he practices Intentional Imbalance to be purposeful about how and where he spends his time, energy, and effort.

✔️ The power of mentors and tips for getting them to say YES.

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