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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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049: Helping Scale 8 & 9-Figure Brands with Los Silva
Los Silva
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Los Silva is an entrepreneur and advisor who has helped hundreds of companies in eCommerce, SaaS, Real Estate (and more) to grow, scale and exit their businesses.

He owns multiple agencies in the eCommerce, social media, and creator spaces and has spent over $100M in advertising, helping numerous brands scale to 8 and 9-figure sales.

In this episode, Los shares his story from hustling to sell video projectors online, to leveraging his network and building eCommerce brands that scale. 

You’ll hear Los talk about the power of brand. He explains that in his early career as a digital marketer, his primary focus was on launching high-ticket offers. While it was a quick way to make money, he realized sales could drop just as fast as they could jump, resulting in a volatile business model. Today, he builds brands that last, making them more attractive for future acquisitions.

We also discuss using social media to drive sales, what to do when a business partnership fails, tactics to qualify leads, and more.


Brand matters. If you don't have that, you're not valid.” – Los Silva

Money to me accelerates time to have with people you love, so you can create memories.” – Los Silva

Key Takeaways with Los Silva

✔️ The high-ticket sales funnel Los uses to sell a $35k/year consulting service.

✔️ Paid and organic advertising tactics to target your ideal clients and drive more sales.

✔️ How Los uses paid preview events to qualify leads and generate new business.

✔️ Is your money better spent with a marketing agency or a publishing company? Find out which one is incentivized to actually help grow your business.

✔️ Los shares his approach to moving on when partnerships fail.

✔️ Hear how Powerhouse Brands helps business owners build, scale, and exit their companies.

✔️ The downside to building an offer instead of building a brand.

✔️ Los’ prerequisites for acquiring new companies.

✔️ Seeing beyond top-line numbers to understand the actual performance of a business.

✔️ How Los went from losing everything during the 2008 market crash to launching Startup Jungle with Ryan Deiss.

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