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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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Ryan Moran
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Ryan Daniel Moran is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and the founder of, responsible for creating over 100 millionaires, many in 12 months or less.

While Ryan’s specialty is helping entrepreneurs make their first million, that’s only a small piece of his overall business model. The company acts as an incubator for entrepreneurs with high growth potential. In return for a 30% equity stake in their business, Ryan provides them with funding, mentorship, and access to his network. Essentially, the community he coaches is a pipeline for future deal flow. His goal is to help them reach the $10M mark, exit within 3-5 years, rinse and repeat.

In this episode, not only do we talk about Ryan’s business model, but he explains how he uniquely structures the company to increase valuations, raise capital, and incentivize employees. 

We also dig into how he built Sheer Strength Labs, a muscle-building supplement brand that led to a $15M exit for him and his partner. Unfortunately, the private equity firm that bought it drove it into the ground. They took it from a million dollar per month top line revenue with multimillion-dollar EBITDA to a company that did just over $1M per year in sales and took home no profit.

Five years later, Ryan bought the company back for pennies on the dollar. You’ll learn why the existing company failed to scale, how exactly he was able to re-acquire it, and his plan to reposition the brand to bring it back to life. 


“People think that going wide got them to a million so going even wider is going to take them to $10M. It is the exact opposite. It is pruning down and focusing and going deep with that avatar in order to go from $1M to $10M.” – Ryan Moran

“Every time we went away from the core customer, sales went down and we had a product that wasn't converting and competition was eating us up.” – Ryan Moran

“It's all about choosing the person and building a brand around that person.” – Ryan Moran

“Belief and conviction is the best sales strategy in the world.” – Ryan Moran
Key Takeaways with Ryan Moran

✔️ How Ryan built and sold a $15M supplement brand, and why he bought it back 5 years later at a major discount.

✔️ How Ryan’s company,, invests in entrepreneurs early on and takes a 30% equity stake in their businesses by agreeing to help them reach the $10M mark.

✔️ Ryan’s roadmap to reposition an existing brand, revitalize the product line, and acquire customers, so he can scale from $1M to $10M.

✔️ Why good communication and understanding people is a superpower in your business.

✔️ One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs fail to scale between the $1M-10M mark.

✔️ Why taking as much off the table as possible when exiting a company is so important.

✔️ Ryan explains how putting out content leads to incredible community and connections.

✔️ How to structure your company in a way that allows you to attract and retain top talent.

✔️ Defining your customer avatar and creating product lines that serve them at different stages of life.

✔️ The power of self-talk and how to use it to accomplish anything.

✔️ What Ryan believes is the most effective sales strategy in the entire world.

✔️ How your beliefs determine the filter through which you see the world.

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