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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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027: Declining a $65M offer and Systematic Growth of a SaaS company with Trevor Mauch
Trevor Mauch
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Trevor Mauch is the Founder and CEO of Carrot—a SaaS company that makes it easy for real estate investors and agents to launch a website focused on driving traffic, converting leads, and closing deals.

Carrot currently has 8,000 customers and generates about $13M/year. 

In this episode, Trevor shares a ton of entrepreneurial wisdom, gleaned from pushing through the pain of various stages of business growth. You'll learn how his focus and strategies shifted as his business hit $1M-$3M, $3M-$10M, and beyond the $10M mark. 

We also talk about building a brand that connects deeply with your clients, delegating tasks by prioritizing energy over profit, and why Trevor turned down a $65M acquisition offer, despite feeling overwhelmed trying to get to that next level. 


“I just need to grow through this pain. I need to learn how to be a CEO of a company that can grow past $10M into the $20M-$30M. Then I can take that knowledge and actually buy businesses.” - Trevor Mauch

“I want to spend as much time as possible in my life creating things that are valuable to the world and connecting with amazing people. And so, how do I build more of that into my business?” - Trevor Mauch

“When you're at a spot in your business where you're having challenges or you're wondering how to grow it, ask the question of ‘If someone were to buy your business, what's the first thing that they would change?’” - Dan Martell
Key Takeaways with Trevor Mauch

✔️A unique approach to delegating tasks that will allow you to create a business you love instead of one that drains you of your energy.

✔️ Is selling your business actually going to make you happier? Find out why Trevor decided to pass on a $65M acquisition.

✔️ A simple question you can ask to solve complex business challenges and scale to new levels of success.

✔️ Why Trevor paid over $600k for the domain

✔️ How to infiltrate the minds of your customers and get them to think positively about your brand every day.

✔️ A helpful tactic to identify client dissatisfaction and reduce churn.

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