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Episode #1 Featuring John Smith, Founder & CEO, Company Inc.
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041: Rewriting The Rules of Business with Yanik Silver
Yanik Silver
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Yanik Silver is a serial entrepreneur, author, digital marketing expert, and visionary leader redefining how business is played in the 21st century.

By the time he was 31, he had reached his goal of becoming a millionaire and produced more than half a dozen 7-figure online businesses.

We jump into this episode by talking about some of his earliest entrepreneurial wins, including Instant Sales Letters®—an info marketing business that built fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates for any niche. You’ll hear how he started and scaled this business during the rise of the internet on the back of a 40,000-person affiliate network that he built from scratch. 

This company was the catalyst for how Yanik thinks about business. He explains how entrepreneurs often get so hung up on the details and metrics that they lose the curiosity and joy that comes from pursuing ideas and figuring things out as they go. Following his heart and focusing on the ideas that interest him, without knowing the outcomes, has been a consistent through line in all of his ventures.

You’ll get to hear how this mindset has built several companies, including Maverick1000, The Cosmic Journal, and Evolved Enterprise. 

Through his stories of building companies, you’ll learn how Yanik is rewriting the rules of business and cultivating a culture that creates more profits, more fun, and more impact. He believes that business can become one of the biggest levers for good, while also being good for business.


One entrepreneur can change an industry, but a thousand together can help change the world.” - Yanik Silver
Key Takeaways with Yanik Silver

✔️ Making the difficult decision to listen to his gut and quit the family business.

✔️ Yanik shares the story of building his first information product business, Instant Sales Letters—a company that made him money while he slept.

✔️ Following your curiosity and pursuing ideas that interest you, even if you’re unsure where they will lead.

✔️ Why intentionality is more important to Yanik than setting specific goals.

✔️ How almost going out of business helped Yanik create a better blueprint for what success looks like and gave him the direction to turn his Maverick1000 mastermind group into a thriving company.

✔️ How Yanik builds businesses around Growth, Impact, and Fun and cultivates a culture that protects those values.

✔️ Creating a die-hard community that cares deeply about your purpose and mission.

✔️ The ethos behind Evolved Enterprise™ and why businesses can make an impact without compromising profits.

✔️ Diving into the Evolved Profits business model—a no-cost opportunity for companies to reduce expenses while also making an impact in the world.

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